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There are three animal welfare bills currently being routed through our state government. Two in the House and one is the Senate.


·       HB 540, sponsored by Reps. Dahle, Ward, Longest, and Harrison, requires adequate shelter for dogs and makes it illegal to tether them outdoors in extreme weather conditions, such as in storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes or when temperatures are below 32 or above 85 degrees.  (Read the full bill hereHB 540)   

·       HB 744, sponsored by Reps. Longest, Ward, Dahle, and Harrison, contains the same prohibition of tethering during extreme weather conditions and requires adequate space, including a stipulation that the length of the tether must be a minimum of 15 feet in length or four times the length of the dog, whichever is greater. (Read the full bill here: HB 744)    

·       SB 719, sponsored by Sen. Woodard, encompasses the requirements from both HB 540 and HB 744. (Read the full bill here: SB 719)   

These bills provide substantial improvements and details to the requirements for properly taking care of animals than what is currently specified in our laws. There is huge potential here to improve life for many pets that need protection in our state.  Are they perfect? Not in our opinion, but they are certainly a step in the right direction!

This is also the first time a bill of this type has BIPARTISAN SUPPORT.


Here is what you can docall, email or mail your representatives and tell them TO SUPPORT THESE BILLS!!!


Don't know your district or representatives?

Enter your address here and get all the contract information you need for your US House reps, NC House reps and NC Senate reps.


Not sure what to say? 

Here are some suggestions to get you started. Use all or some of them! Speak from your heart!

The animals are depending on us!


I am one of your constituents and I am writing to you because I want to urge you to support House Bills 540 and 744 and Senate Bill 719.  These bills are long overdue and critical to help the companion animals in our state.  We have long overlooked the welfare of these animals under our care, and it is time to change that! 

Every day there are news stories about neglected and abused animals in our state and THIS MUST STOP! We must be their voice! 

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has published the 2023 State Rankings for Animal Welfare in the country, and our beloved state of North Carolina has come in at an embarrassing number 42, yet again! We are better than this, our animals deserve better!

It is not just an animal problem! The link between animal abuse and other criminal activity has long been established. By not having specific animal welfare protections in place and enforcing harsh punishments for those who break them, we are saying that abusing or neglecting a defenseless creature is okay. IT IS NOT! Those who harm these animals will not stop if the laws are not clear and enforced.

Studies have shown and continue to show that animals are sentient beings, who feel pain, fear and suffering. How can we continue to ignore this problem knowing that we can do so much more to end needless, heartless and criminal behaviour against them? They are wholly dependent on us to protect them and we have failed to do so for far too long!

There is so much more that needs to be done to protect animals in our state, and these bills are a great start to providing appropriate protections for them. 

This should not be a partisan issue! Animal suffering is everyone's problem and we need to come together now to improve conditions for the animals in our state.

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